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Slow Cooking For 75 Years - The Crock Pot

Slow Cooking For 75 Years - The Crock Pot


Crock Pot 75 Years OldThe other day I happened to catch the Nightly News with Brian Williams reporting a story about the crock pot being 75 years old.  As a person who is on the go and sometimes inspired to use a crock pot I was surprised to learn that the crock pot is that old.  But then when I think about it, my parents' generation used slow cookers for family gatherings, so that makes sense. 


One of the things I enjoy cooking in a crock pot are roasts.  A certain person in my household enjoys beef and to make this person happy I will cook a roast in the crock pot with a little bit of water, slice in a few cloves of garlic, sprinkle on salt and pepper and turn the pot on low for 3-6 hours depending on the size of the roast.  It is such an easy meal and is always a hit.  And I have to admit the roasts are always tender with a really nice gravy.


I also enjoy making a variation of a dish my mother used to make called holubtsi or stuffed cabbage.  I tried making the hand rolled version years ago when my mother was alive and it was just too much work.  But the crock pot has given me a way to enjoy the wonderful taste of holubtsi by slowly cooking those ingredients together in the form of a stew.  You see, I just layer all the ingredients and do not have to boil and cut up the cabbage leaves, just throw them in and they soften up with the thick center of the leaf as well.  The prep time for this stew version is minuscule compared to doing the traditional method of wrapping. While it is cooking I enjoy the wonderful aroma as it is cooking and the taste is one that transports me back to times in my mother's kitchen. 



So I am happy to have heard this report and to find out crock pots are being used more often in many households.  It makes sense in this day and age since a slow cooker enables busy people to have great tasting meals almost ready when they get home from work with just a bit of prep time before they leave for work.   Well I think I might just have to go and buy a cabbage, get some ground turkey and rice and get the crock pot out.  


How about you, do you enjoy cooking with a crock pot?







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Slow Cooking For 75 Years - The Crock Pot
Slow Cooking For 75 Years - The Crock Pot The other day I happened to catch the Nightly News with Brian Williams reporting a story about the crock pot being 75 years old. As a person who is on the go and sometimes inspired to use a… more
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