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Myths About Realtors

There are times when I hear comments by people not in the real estate profession stating that they could easily do this job in their spare time and make a lot of money.  Please take a moment to read this post by Susan Zwarych that sheds a bit of light into the world of real estate agents. 

Thank you Susan for this post!

There are a lot of myths about Realtors out there and we receive a lot of bad press and unfair attacks from a lot of people. I'm here to de-bunk some of the common myths about real estate agents.

1. Realtors do very little work in order to make a lot of money - The average Realtor does NOT make that much money and can't be considered anything other than middle class. If a Realtor were to work out their hourly wage, it comes out to very little.

2. Realtors never tell the truth - Almost every Realtor I know is an honest, hard working person who will be upfront and honest in every situation. There is no industry that doesn't have a few bad eggs in it, but Realtors are just as honest, if not more honest, than every other professional industry.

3. Realtors charge commissions to do the same thing I could have just done myself - Again, this is simply not true. Realtors are professionally trained to sell your home, have far more knowledge about local laws, the market, the process and are there to help and protect you. Why do people feel that they are just as knowledgable as a Realtor about selling a home, yet go to a lawyer for help with law, go to a doctor for medicine and go to an accountant for accounting? Check out my articles about working with a Realtor to buy your home and working with a Realtor to sell your home.

4. Realtors don't care about their clients - Realtors do care very much about their clients, I place my clients' needs ahead of me receiving a paycheck.

5. Anybody can become a Realtor - While it may not be the most difficult process in the world to become a Realtor, there is an examination and training process that is required. Beyond that, you won't last long in real estate if you are not educated, honest and hard working. So while any one could probably get a real estate license if they want to, to survive in the business you must act as any professional business person would.

Be sure to check out, my personal website if you are looking for a Saskatoon Realtor that fits none of these myths above! Feel free to add any to the list that you think the general public is thoroughly convinced of and need to be de-bunked.








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There are times when I hear comments by people not in the real estate profession stating that they could easily do this job in their spare time and make a lot of money. Please take a moment to read this post by Susan Zwarych that sheds a bit of… more
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