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Endre Barath, Jr. - Los Angeles Area Realtor

Endre Barath, Jr. is another AR Member I spoke with the other day for the March Challenge here on AR (Thanks to Kathy Streib).   After reviewing his profile I discovered he also speaks Hungarian like Gabe Sanders.


Endre Barath JrEndre ended up in LA county because of his wife Diane's decision, years ago, to take a job transfer from Boston to LA. Weather has been a plus in their move and with the 3 Nor'easters that hit Boston in the past few weeks, it was a good reminder of one of the benefits of moving to LA County.


Once they moved to the west coast, Endre realized they had to get another car since LA County is so spread out compared to the Boston area. He took the time early on to explore and familiarize himself with the county so he could know his new real estate market.


I had to ask Endre how he does with earthquakes. He laughed and recounted how when they first moved there they experienced a small earthquake initially and proceeded to make themselves earthquake proof, by gathering supplies from local hardware stores along with having a stash of food supplies on hand if the power was to go out.   But now that they have lived there for many years their concerns about earthquakes has diminished. Early on they had a spider plant that would sway with the earth's movements, now they sleep through the minor movements of the earth and just accept the fact that the earth's surface moves a lot more where they live.


New Kitty I was curious as to how he got involved with the Lange Foundation, a non-profit that rescues animals mentioned in his profile. He said when they moved to the west coast they had a beloved dog. When this little guy passed they were heart broken and Diane took Endre's advice to volunteer at a local shelter to walk dogs, to help with her sadness. Fast forward to today and Diane is still walking dogs at the shelter every weekend!   And they have 3 cats! They have taken on the call to support animals since animals lack a voice and they want to help their cause and welfare.


Endre is thankful to the AR platform because it is a place where he found his blogging voice and it is a place where he has met many real estate professionals, some that he has met personally and some he enjoys interacting with on AR.

It was good to talk to Endre and to have a glimpse into his world for a few moments.  All the best to you Endre, Diane and your kitties.






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Endre Barath, Jr. - Los Angeles Area Realtor
Endre Barath, Jr is another AR Member I spoke with the other day for the March Challenge here on AR (Thanks to Kathy Streib ). After reviewing his profile I discovered he also speaks Hungarian like Gabe Sanders Endre ended up in LA county… more
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